For 10 years, I have been creating value by building concepts and products at the interface between academic research and computational technology first, and then between business and data science. My experiences in biomedical research, HR-tech and consulting allowed me to develop deep scientific skills widened by transversal abilities.

Achievements include expansion of data strategy using proof-of-concepts for national and European-wide companies and development of data science products in production.

Work Experience

Data Strategy Consultant

2020 - Present
Benefiting from an interdisciplinary background, provides expertise on both methodological and technical aspects of data fueled innovation projects.

    Full Stack Data Scientist

    2019 - 2020
    Collaborate with data, product and customer success teams to bring pragmatic solutions to build an artificial intelligence based career coach.
    • Autonomously explore topics for their application potent e.g. soft skills definition, matchmaking serendipity.
    • Improve data assets value awareness with internal web application (ReactJS) and automated customer data quality reports.
    • Update / expand existing in-production models for profile/job opening matchmaking (Python/CI/CD).
    • Technical debt: code base cleaning and documentation.
    • Communication: white paper on AI market in human resources.

    Data Scientist

    2017 - 2018
    Manage and deliver data science projects from scoping to planning, execution and defense in front of stakeholders - average project duration 2/3 months.
    • Design and develop a rule-based chatbot for the power market industry (MVP)
    • Challenged existing risk assessment models in banking (increased funding by 10% while decreasing risks - boosted trees)
    • Design, manage and develop an error detection data pipeline for a major pharmaceutical industry (back and front-end)
    • Knowledge transfer to junior data teams (statistical/machine learning models, coding, good practices)
    • Pilot, plan and contribute to content production for corporate communication

    PhD Graduate

    2013 - 2016
    Identification of novel virulence mechanisms in host-pathogen interactions from high throughput low signal/noise data.
    • Project planning, execution and synchronization: research, collaborative and associative projects in international and interdisciplinary settings - Israël, USA and Sweden (7 completed projects).
    • Research: Identification of novel RNAs involved in host / L.monocytogenes interaction (3 published work)
    • Teaching and development of wet laboratory procedures.


    2011 - 2013
    Understanding the pathogenicity of Entamoeba using comparative transcriptomics and phylogenomics
    • Development of bioinformatics workflow for large text files processing and quality control (RNA-Seq / Python).
    • Development of next generation sequencing wet lab approaches (RNAs / small RNAs).
    • Automation of quality control report generation (R/Sweave ).
    • Ensured daily communication in a two-year project between a technological platform and a basic research team.


    Project Management

    • Value Proposition Design
    • Use case framing
    • Process & task planning
    • Leadership
    • Scheduling & ability to manage simultaneous projects
    • Cost management
    • Risk analysis

    Data Science

    • Data mining/wrangling (python, bash, sed, awk)
    • Data pipelines (python, MongoDB, SQL)
    • Un/supervised learning (sklearn, xgboost, keras, clustering, LSTM)
    • Performance assessment (confusion matrices, residual analyses, business related)

    Software engineering

    • Data pipelining (ETL)
    • Relational and document databases (SQL, MongoDB, ...)
    • Implementation (python, html, css, React.js, js)
    • Web-application deployment (Docker, virtual hosts, WSGI, ...)
    • Continuous integration/deployment (Kubernetes, GitLab)


    • Teamwork
    • Visual communication
    • Writing (white paper, data audit, research articles, etc.)
    • Critical thinking
    • C-level & stakeholder communication


    Towards Data Science
    Towards Data Science

    Volunteer Work

    Design Team Member

    2015 - 2016
    Communication development and design thinking of a conference (in the organizing association).


    Ranked 24/3835 (top 1%) in Mercedes Benz competition

    Predicting duration spent by a car on the test bench