Full stack data scientist, I am interested in bridging the Knowledge Gap between Data and Business considerations for a win-win interaction between Man and Technology.


Clustree 2019-01-07 — Present

Full Stack Data Scientist

Building of an artificial intelligence based career coach


  • Proof-of-concept based incremental improvement of AI based solutions (Python).
  • Developement of production ready solutions in a Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) environment (Gitlab).
  • Data modeling and cleaning (Python - Elastic Search - NLP).
  • Machine learning models performance assessment and reporting (Shell/Html reports).
  • Presentation of models performances to clients.
  • Corporate communication media writing.

Kernix 2017-01-03 — 2018-12-31

Data Scientist

End-to-end development of data products and analysis, with a strong focus on pragmatism and data-driven insights.


  • Optimization of sales forecast models in textile industry (decreased processing time by 10 fold and complexity by 1/3 with equal performances - python).
  • Design and development of a rule-based chatbot for the power market industry (MVP - python).
  • Challenging of existing risk assessment models in banking (increased funding by 10% while decreasing global risks - python with xgboost).
  • Designed, managed and developed an error detection data pipeline for a major pharmaceutical industry (backend in python - frontend in html/css/js).
  • Knowledge transfer to junior data teams (statistical/machine learning models (LSTM), coding, methods).
  • Pilot and plan data lab content production for corporate communication.

Institut Pasteur 2013-10-01 — 2016-12-31

PhD Graduate

Identification of novel RNA-based virulence mechanisms in complex ’omics’ data in host-pathogen interactions.


  • Identification of novel communication molecules in host-pathogen interactions from high throughput low signal/noise data (3 published work)
  • International collaborative exchanges for interdisciplinary projects (Israël, USA and Sweden).
  • Teaching and development of wet laboratory procedures.

Institut Pasteur 2011-05-01 — 2013-04-30


Understanding the pathogenicity of Entamoeba using comparative transcriptomics and phylogenomics


  • Development of bioinformatics workflow for large text files processing and quality control (RNA-Seq / Python).
  • Automation of quality control report generation (R/Sweave ).
  • Ensured daily communication in a two-year project between a technological platform and a basic research team.

Data Science

  • Data mining/wrangling (python, bash, sed, awk)
  • Data pipelines (python, MongoDB, SQL)
  • Machine learning (sklearn, xgboost, keras)
  • Performance assessment (confusion matrices, residual analyses, business related)

Software engineering

  • Need identification (Value Proposition Design)
  • Specification design and planning
  • Implementation (python, html, css, js)
  • Deployment (virtual hosts, WSGI, cron, secured connexions)


  • Corporate communication (content, edition, strategy)
  • Charting (matplotlib, chart.js)
  • Writing (reporting, data audit, research articles)


  • Project management
  • Technology watch
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Autonomous tasks prioritization
  • Business acumen
Full professional capacity
Native Speaker
Native Speaker

Paris Descartes University 2013-10-01 — 2016-10-01

Computational Biology

Université des Sciences et Technologies de Lille 2006-10-01 — 2008-07-01

Biology and Biotechnology

Young Researchers in Life Science 2015-10-01 — 2016-06-30

Design Team Member

Communication development and design thinking of a conference (in the organizing association).


  • Communication development and design thinking of a conference (in the organizing association).

Ranked 24/3835 (top 1%) in Mercedes Benz competition

Awarded 2017-08-04
by Kaggle
Predicting duration spent by a car on the test bench

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