Where does your cup of coffee come from?

A case study on coffee market with a systems perspective.

Did you ever wonder how this seemingly simple cup of coffee ended in front of you? Would it taste any better if you’d know the efforts made by 25 million people to bring it to your table? Read more

Three Strategies Towards Effective Data Science Projects

How to align your data science projects with business needs?

Many data science projects do not go into production, why is that? There is no doubt in my mind that data science is an efficient tool with impressive performances. However, a successful data project is also about effectiveness: doing the right things as Russell Ackoff would write in “A systemic view of transformational leadership”. Read more

Data strategy : helping developpers with AI

Developers and many technical jobs write code for a living. Can you help a developer with Artificial intelligence ? Spending a fair amount of time, conceiving and writing code, I keep falling on the same time-consuming task : debugging and correct typo-like mistakes. Even after close to a decade of code writing, I still keep having these silly tiny mistakes that keep on slowing me down in the development process every once in a while. Read more

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