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Art as a key to AI-driven innovation

AI and data science have ever more applications in our real life, they face major issues when it actually comes to make people use them. Sadly, numerous media push for a fight-or-flight response to AI. Art can be a powerful tool to engage people into its workings and build a positive framework. Read more

Data strategy : helping developpers with AI

Developers and many technical jobs write code for a living. Can you help a developer with Artificial intelligence ? Spending a fair amount of time, conceiving and writing code, I keep falling on the same time-consuming task : debugging and correct typo-like mistakes. Even after close to a decade of code writing, I still keep having these silly tiny mistakes that keep on slowing me down in the development process every once in a while. Read more

What is deep-learning?

A kid-friendly answer

Photo by Vlad Tchompalov on Unsplash Deep-learning and many cases of artificial intelligence are all about neural networks, what are they? how do they work? What are neural networks? Neural networks are special computer programs. They can learn and tell apart things they have seen before. For example, we know when we see an animal that it is a dog because we have seen many dogs before. Neural networks work in a similar manner. Read more

Kaggle competition : pseudo-labelling efficiency in regression tasks

I needed some training on regression problems for a project. I luckily found out that the Kaggle Mercedes Benz competition; which aims at the development of a model that predicts how long a car in the manufacturing process stays on the test bench; just had started. I am starting to get a much better grasp on models and how they work one by one. Having in mind to learn new approaches and tricks I tried several published kernels and among them one from Hakeem which showed to me one new way on how to stack models and go beyond : Read more

March 6, 2017

Keyword enrichment analysis of published research articles

In the ressource and analysis you will find below are summarized an idea I had about trying to use the keywords of published research articles indexed in Pubmed and try to see whether trends would arise or not. In other words, can published research article keywords indicate modifications of research interests globally ? This a first step, aiming at : Get as much data as possible from pubmed on a rather sluggish laptop running a flavored Archlinux Integrate this data into a clean database (MongoDB) Start to explore the data “by hand” and try to get an intuition whether this whole idea make sense or not at all Does journals with a given impact factor modulate the presence of certain keywords ? Read more