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Facing Covid-19 death toll curves

How to handle live pandemic data with data literacy?

Nowadays, media and governments are sending messages that can be confusing at times but, we can all increase our data literacy and bring serenity to the way we read and understand data. Read more

[External] Three Strategies Towards Effective Data Science Projects

How to align your data science projects with business needs?

Many data science projects do not go into production, why is that? There is no doubt in my mind that data science is an efficient tool with impressive performances. However, a successful data project is also about effectiveness: doing the right things as Russell Ackoff would write in “A systemic view of transformational leadership”. Read more

[External] Clear charts with Matplotlib

How to build Matplotlib charts that people actually want to read and use.

Data science is a lot about convincing people, showing what you have found, what patterns you actually understood. Charting comes a long way in this exercise. Sadly many scientific libraries allow you to produce charts that harbour poor default designs choices. Read more

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