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How to test data science models acceptability?

Putting a model in production is not only about how many requests per second it can handle

As a manager, you were diligent and you set a data science project running that follows a carefully established strategy. But now, you have a thrilled data scientist who is explaining to you how his/her model has an impressive accuracy with a given validation strategy and you should start to use it in production. Can it be that simple? Read more

What is Artificial Intelligence?

An answer to an ever ending question.

Artificial Intelligence or A.I. wakens mixed feeling in most of us. These two words combined, do generate massive amounts of misunderstanding as many use them with different meanings and intentions. Read more

Where does your cup of coffee come from?

A case study on coffee market with a systems perspective.

Did you ever wonder how this seemingly simple cup of coffee ended in front of you? Would it taste any better if you’d know the efforts made by 25 million people to bring it to your table? Read more

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