What I do

I am a business-driven data scientist with 10 years of experience in biomedical innovation, consulting and HR-Tech. I have been involved in all steps of making data useful and bringing value to business : need identification, scoping, planning, execution, industrialization, defense in front of stakeholders but also popularisation. I do enjoy to work in an interdisciplinary manner, I tend to naturally interact with technical, functional and business individuals to have a more complete grasp of current business constraints and opportunities.

At a macroscopic level, here are some of the things I do in this respect:

  • understand business challenges and opportunities,
  • write commercial proposals,
  • consulting,
  • develop data pipeline / projects / analysis,
  • model data : simple/field specific regression and classification models but also machine learning algorithms based solutions (boosted trees, convnets, LSTMs, …),
  • assess performances (technical or business measurements),
  • transfer knowledge, popularize …

What I have written somewhere else in french

I am a bookworm, among other things I read (and enjoyed):

  • Systems Thinking by Jamshid Gharajedaghi helped me to formalize some intuitions on the topic.
  • Link by Lorien Pratt: talks about how to better connect tools like data science to business goals with decision intelligence.
  • Range by David Epstein: this is a book that resonates with the way I think/operate by highlighting the advantage of expanding the range of one’s competencies and not only their depth.
  • Life 3.0: Being Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence by Max Tegmark. Interesting book where Max Tegmark discuss the threats but also the hopes that AI can bring us trying to be very pragmatic and anti-disaster.
  • Management game 2 by Isabelle and Frédéric Rey Millet. Good read on the evolution of management techniques and how to bring games smartly into modern teams.
  • Manager un projet informatique by Olivier Englender and Sophie Fernandes (French book about IT project management). Nice overview of IT project management describing project design, iterative/agile methodologies, intellectual property, ressources, …
  • La transformation digitale des entreprises by David Autissier and Emily Métais-Wiersch. French book about digital transformation with successful cases examples and key learnings.
  • The Order of Time by Carlo Rovelli. Physics. I just loved the thoughts on our relation to time and how it might be “physically” relevant or not.

Feel free to contact me via LinkedIn.


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