Mikael Koutero profile picture Hi there! I am Mikael, I am a data science manager in consulting. During the last decade, I have seen how much value is lost without properly connected teams, departments or fields. Observing this has been further highlighted as thinking in terms of connected systems is something that is intuitive to me. I don't like boxes.

I am very driven to find ways to work on both sides of the fence to create Business value with Data Science. This means that here you will read about topics such as #DataStrategy, #DataScience, #DataVisualization and #AI with a human touch.

From here, you can reach for my resume and more details about me or head for the main dish: the Blog.


How to test data science models acceptability?

Putting a model in production is not only about how many requests per second it can handle

As a manager, you were diligent and you set a data science project running that follows a carefully established strategy. But now, you have a thrilled data scientist who is explaining to you how his/her model has an impressive accuracy with a given validation strategy and you should start to use it in production. Can it be that simple? Read more


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